Nakshalbari College, P.O. Naxalbari, Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India-734429

Department of Nepali

About the Department


  • Providing quality education & imparting knowledge of Nepali Literature
  • Improving the knowledge of Nepali Language.
  • Improving communicative & Educational skills.
  • Improving the eligibility to fit for employability
  • Developing the skills of self employment.
  • Making fit for Higher Education.
  • Developing Moral, Human & Ethical values
  • Developing self-confidence and research bent of mind.
  • Combine students to society with its problems.
  • Making familiar with recent trends in Nepalii (like administrative letter-writing etc.).


  • Improving the knowledge ofNepali in depth through Seminar, Class Seminars and assignments best practices so on.
  • Improving educational and Communicative skills through the conduction of Competitions, seminars best practices, project works, value added courses and Students can get proficiency in all skills like speaking, writing, listening, reading & understanding
  • Improving employability through developing communicative skills, awareness Programmes and field trips.
  • Making fit for higher education through giving depth of knowledge of Nepali literature,  And through workshops, seminars and projects.
  • Developing values developing self-confidence & independent thinking through literature and its core subjects.
  • Trying for the over - all development of students through all these activities.

To shape the young generation who are coming from the diversified sections of the society , so that they will be prepared to accept responsibility in the business world and at the same time world .them into disciplined cultured and sociable human being with social moral and spiritual values.” hidden talent ,provide opportunities Nepali to provide quality education , while equipnig students with knowledge and skills in the chosen stream, Inculcate values, Identify for students , to realize their full protential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneur and above all good human being..


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Deo Kumar Damai

M.A., Assistant Professor, H.O.D