Nakshalbari College, P.O. Naxalbari, Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India-734429

Best Practices:

01. Title of the Practice
Service to Society through Welfare Activities

  • Objectives of the Practice:

  1. To create awareness of Secondary and Higher education among the parents and students in the neighboring villages.
  2. To promote the importance of cleanliness, sanitation, health and personal hygiene among the rural people.
  3. To provide appropriate help to the economically backward people as permissible.
  4. To provide help in times of dire situation.
  • The Context:

Social exclusion is a predicament in most developing countries. To bridge this gap, Nakshalbari College has been continually taking special initiatives to support the students coming from the weaker and underprivileged sections of the community. Our College is located in a tea belt area. People residing in and around the tea gardens are economically weak. Most of them cannot enjoy the basic amenities in their day to day life. Children are not encouraged to go to schools. Even those who go to primary and secondary schools cannot finish their studies and drop out. We thought we as teachers have certain responsibilities to the people around our Institute. Hence a Welfare Committee was formed in our College to make contributions to the Society as per our capacity.

  • The Practice:

The social welfare programme is a self-financed programme generated purely out of the goodwill and desire to serve the needy people. Funds for the programme are contributed by all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Nakshalbari College. The college has a Welfare Committee under the chairmanship of the Principal. Before undertaking any welfare activity, the Committee members meet and decide what activities are to be taken and identify a particular place where the welfare activities are to be executed. During the Pandemic, we tried to reach out to the people who did not have sufficient income to run their families. As per our capacity we distributed food items to those needy people.

These welfare activities related to community development are intended to bring both outward and inward grace to the society. Commitment to society is an attempt to bring about a social and economic transformation of the community structure through the efforts of our Institution. It also brings a change in the students and staff like recognizing the problems of common people, feeling of commitment to society and nation, willing to contribute one’s bit to solve the problems etc.

  • Evidence of Success:

The impact of all above activities is remarkable. The people of the surrounding areas where we did our welfare activities appreciate our efforts. It has been observed that students and parents are willing to enroll their children in High Schools and Colleges. The positive feedbacks we receive immensely motivate us in continuing our welfare activities.

  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

We need more finance to meet the expectations of the people. Ours is a small College and so is our welfare fund. Hopefully, we will be able to contribute more in near future with the growth of the College and with the increase in the strength of faculty and overall staff.  Organizing various welfare activities and programmes in rural areas involve a lot of challenges, but through systematic planning and teamwork, all these activities have been carried out successfully.