Nakshalbari College, P.O. Naxalbari, Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India-734429


  • Introduction:

As per the guidelines of UGC, NAAC and the Supreme Court, the college has formed Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) to establish an environment in the college campus, free from all kind of Gender inequality, sexual harassment and abuse.

  • Objectives of the ICC:

  1. To ensure the campus free from all kinds of gender inequality.
  2. To ensure safe working environment to women at the Institution.
  3. To ensure gender equality of women in relation to work.
  4. To ensure protection, safety and security of women workforce.
  5. To curb the possibility of any kind of sexual harassment and abuse.
  6. To ensure zero tolerance policy in the matter of sexual harassment and abuse.
  7. To develop proper awareness among all on gender equality and sensitiveness.

Students are allowed to make complain to any member of the committee either through telephone, email or   through complaint box placed in front of the Principal Chamber.

  • Procedures and guidelines for action planning:

  1. Meeting will be conducted at the earliest if any complain is received regarding any kind of sexual harassment or abuse.
  2. Complainer is allowed to approach to any member of the committee via emails or telephone & through letter of complaint.
  3. Complainer will get full support and cooperation from the committee.
  4. An enquiry will be made by the members of the committee at the earliest after getting the complain.
  5. A preliminary report of the incidents will be prepared and will be submitted at least within seven days of receiving complain to the members of the Committee.
  6. Entire enquiry of the incident will be completed within 90 days of the incident.
  • Action Plan:

  1. An arrangement will be made to counsel the affected girl student or female staff to get over from trauma.
  2. Display of laws related with sexual harassment and abuse in the key places of the campus.
  3. Conduct awareness campaign and program regarding gender equality, sensitiveness, sexual harassment and abuse.
  • Composition of ICC:

Internal Complaints Committee has been formed vide Teachers’ Council Meeting Ref. No. NC/NB/08/20, Dated: 21.01.2020.

Members of the Committee: 

Sl. No. Name Designation
01 Smt. Krishna Barman, Asst. Proff. Dept. of History Presiding Officer      
02 Smt. Tapashi Singha, Asst. Proff. Dept. of English Member
03 Smt. PapiyaDey, SACT, Dept. of Botany Member
04 Popi Paul, Non-Teaching Staff Member
05 Smt. Tamali Roy, Program Manager,
Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust
  • Report on Awareness Programme: 

Sl. No. Programme Name  


Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace



Gender Equality: Issues and Challenges

  • Action Taken Report: 

Internal Complaints Committee has been formed to ensure safety and protection of women and as well as girl students associated with the Institution from all kind of sexual harassment and abuse.

Academic Year    Complaints received from Girl student Complaints received from Female employee
2020 - 2021 NILL NILL
2021 - 2022 NILL NILL
2022 - 2023 NILL NILL