Library Committee 

Library Committee Members

The College has a Library Sub-Committee (LC). It comprises Principal as a Chairperson, Librarian as a Convener, Teachers Council Secretary, Bursar and Head of the Department of all Subjects it’s a members of library Committee.

Dr. Samirendra Sarkar,
PrincipalAs a Chairman

Smt Jhuma Hari,
LibrarianAs a Convener

Dr. Ranjit Roy,
Associate Professor, SociologyAs a Member cum Bursar cum Teachers Council Secretary

Sri Washim Akram,
Associate Professor, EnglishAs a Member

Dr. Ananda Kumar Paluya,
Associate Professor, BengaliAs a Member

Smt Krishna Barman,
Associate Professor, HistoryAs a Member

Dr. Anisha Tamang,
Associate Professor, EducationAs a Member

Smt Ananya Guha Roy,
Associate Professor, Political ScienceAs a Member

Sri Deo Kumar Damai,
Associate Professor, NepaliAs a Member

Sri Natraj Gupta,
Associate Professor, HindiAs a Member

Smt Papiya Dey,
SACT, BotanyAs a Member

Sri Ratan Mandal,
SACT, Physical EducationAs a Member

Sri Dipu Paul,
SACT, PhilosophyAs a Member